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(Rosângela Leite, student of Rational Culture, Belo Horizonte, MG – Brazil)



The practice of life, over time, has taught mankind that preparation must precede function.

We are subordinated to a process defined by Nature that is like that, and she herself observes this truth to generate, to give birth, to create and to maintain.

There is always one cycle being replaced by another, where the former ceases to exist. It is the law of transformation, which can be observed throughout the universe.

When mankind, since primeval times, strictly observed this natural law of transformation, it walked hand in hand with nature and cared for the necessary preparations for the transition from one cycle to another.

We first had the First Millennium, symbolizing a long preparation for man by the magnetic energy, so that he could be able to imagine and thus advance in his evolution from monster, absolutely rude, to wild, where the rudeness became less pronounced.

At the end of the First Millennium, the prepared and matured ones, capable of imagining, were able to successfully step into the next phase, that of the Second Millennium, where they would begin another long journey, this time, learning to think, boosted by the electric energy.

And the unprepared and not matured have been liquidated by Nature, which has a greater function to fulfill in the right time, and who does not follow her has to be eliminated, since the greater universal function prevails, and Nature will not fulfill anyone’s whim.

But as time goes by, as everything transforms, fulfilling the greater function that the owner of life (Nature) designated, the time has come for the last transformation, where the human being, after being prepared and matured as a thinker, which is the maximum corresponding point to his animal part, must now transcend it and finally acknowledge it, since he, as a human being, is RATIONAL, but has been 

living for eons of years living as an animal for lack of his Rational Development of his Reasoning – his perfect balanced side.

Nature then changes phase, moving away from the Second Millennium to come into the Third Millennium, for the preparation and maturing of the human being as a Rational Apparatus, developed by the energy of its true natural, THE RATIONAL ENERGY, until it becomes real RATIONAL, a pure, clean and perfect Rational Being.

So the human beings who have long since moved away from Nature, not taking into account her universal natural laws, now they need her knowledge to bear opinions and the acceptance of the Rational Phase in the Third Millennium, otherwise they will irreversibly damage their own existence, since it is the last generation of human development and evolution on Earth.

There will be no Fourth Millennium. And to be acquainted with the knowledge of Nature, they will only be through HER book, which elucidates to everyone, indistinctly, all the natural laws, which are taken as indispensable for a conduct in harmony with Nature and from which we have withdrawn ourselves for eons and eons of years which are countless to the human mind.

This Book is Universe in Disenchantment of Rational Culture, the natural culture of Nature that binds us to the RATIONAL ENERGY, developing our reasoning.

When one comes in contact with the Rational Knowledge in the Books Universe in Disenchantment, reading and rereading it, one will respect, for his own benefit, the determination of the Supreme World, which was passed on to Nature in order to bring forth the salvation of the Inhabitant of the Rational World, who is materialized in the form of a machine of reasoning in the head of all mankind.

And obedience to this determination of the RATIONAL WORLD, reading and rereading the Books of Rational Culture, makes us worthy of the orientations imparted from the RATIONAL WORLD, where our negative consciousness becomes positive, liberating us from the blindness of life,

which has prevented us from understanding that one should love one’s neighbor as oneself and practice the good unconditionally.

This is the original knowledge, because all those who have reasoning are the children of the same Father, of the same GOD, the True, the SUPERIOR RATIONAL , and so we are Rational beings materialized as animals that, now, in the Rational Phase, will turn into Rational Apparatus, that is, fitted in the Superior Energy, the RATIONAL ENERGY, which is the Energy of the True God.

And being now a transition phase from animal Rational to Rational Apparatus and from Rational Apparatus to PURE RATIONAL, they who do not develop their reasoning will be liquidated by Nature, just as the savages who did not want to prepare themselves for the Civilization. And so, all this suffering that prevails over the world will only end, when everyone respects what Nature, the owner of the whole creation, has determined.

It is very good to remember that all this transformation that we have been undergoing and that generates so many changes and consequent disorders, is in fact the preparation for a better state of life, with the sublime purpose of guiding the Rational animal, leading it to its natural state, which it is of eternal life in the RATIONAL WORLD.

The phase for all this grandeur is now in place, the Rationalization Phase of peoples, where appearances can no longer be sustained anywhere, because appearances only survive hidden behind masks, which will eventually fall off, so that everyone will understand their own imperfections, sprung out of the degenerative and deformed state of Nature, which has been causing transformations from bad to worse for the unawareness that the Second World, in which we live, belongs to the First World, and that this Second World must return to its natural state, because it is a NATURAL factor, part of the Superior Nature, which is GOD.

Praise Nature and thank HER for the Rational Phase of the Third Millennium, reading The Books Universe in Disenchantment of Rational Culture, HER natural culture!



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Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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