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Friends, SALVE!

Everything in life has a price, sometimes a very high one. And it has to be that way, because we live in a world that is an electric and magnetic set, the apparent positive and the sheer negative aspects, where credits and debts are set off to compensate any difference. In other words: nothing is for free in this world we live in.

And on the general balance of life, the credits that each one enjoys must have their corresponding debts, meaning that everything has to be paid.

This is the reality of the world we inhabit, for it is a world out of its true natural, and it finds itself in a degenerated and deformed state of what it once was.

And what was it before it was what it is today?

It was a perfect little part, without duality, of a Superior World, which has always existed, exists and will continue existing, because it is an eternal world, without debts and credits, without negative and apparent positive aspects, where the wholeness of being is truly RATIONAL, it is not  DUAL and CONTRADICTORY, and there only one energy reigns: RATIONAL ENERGY.

You see that duality will only end, when this deformed world becomes what it was once, the reintegrated part of the RATIONAL WORLD.

But just as this part went out of the line of the eternity, its return to its natural state, reintegrating to the eternal, can not happen from one moment to another.

While this does not happen, and it depends on each one of us, we must have wisdom to live as simply as possible, so that absolute respect for everything and everyone will help minimize our debts for the minimum credits, which are essential for life without vanities.

It would be wonderful if everyone had already reached this understanding of life, for the world would not have come so far in such an astonishing material progress, which today is very high for all the inhabitants of the Earth, increasing even more their debts to Nature.

This is where the inner void expands, because they can’t pay what they owe, since they wasted their precious lives on the matter, and gave no importance to wisdom, because the latter is provided by the ABOVE, the WORLD OF THE ETERNALS, which, being free from dualities, charges nothing from anyone, because it is the true wisdom, THE RATIONAL WISDOM, which is above of all.

We all need to be aware of this in order to come out of this void, which is focused on duality, focused on matter. A life without direction is an empty life, and it makes the person live a senseless and empty life.

Friend, give sense to your life, fill the void with true wisdom. And for this, it is necessary to walk to the encounter with the RIGHT, to the encounter of the True Life that one day we left behind out of our free and spontaneous will.

The true life is in the REASONING, the REASON of the LIFE of all, the Reasoning, which is something sublime that mankind has not yet attained. Nature has changed phase to provide this reach for everyone, through the entry of the Third Millennium, the Rational Phase and the RATIONAL ENERGY, phase that arrived on Earth in 1935 for the development of the Reasoning, which will replace the thought.

And so everything that was created in the second millennium by thought and that was against the REASONING is in bankruptcy and liquidation, because Nature will not allow anything and no one to hinder the Rational evolution of humanity, because SHE – Nature itself – is afflicted to return to its natural state, in the line of eternity, in the RATIONAL WORLD.

And as we all had been living under the line of thought and dependent on it, we were all aimless with the end of the phase of thought, which ceased to guide and nourish thought to the thinkers, because it went into bankruptcy and liquidation, because its phase is over.

Look at that dangerous situation in which mankind is now. And it is because of this fact that Nature brought about the Phase of the development of Reasoning, to replace thought, so that everyone would be guided by the RATIONAL ENERGY, which humanity will only know when reading the Book of RATIONAL ENERGY, Universe in Disenchantment.

And being guided by the RATIONAL ENERGY, humanity will finally find the RIGHT course of their lives, coming to know their entire trajectory from the UPPER WORLD up to the present moment in this dual and lower world in which they live, acquiring the true wisdom, the wisdom of the ETERNALS of the RATIONAL WORLD, and, as a consequence, putting an end to the void within, to live simply and being able to settle their eternal debts with Mother Nature.

Only in this way, we will be able to get everything right, because we will be guided by our REASONING, which is the RIGHT WAY in our lives.

Then, when a person reaches this stage in life, he can see that thought is the worst enemy of all, because it is the guidelines to destruction.  And there are proofs all over the world, day and night and night and day, that millions of lives are being destroyed by thought. People are still thinking when they should be reasoning.



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