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Nature, this set of electric and magnetic energies, acknowledged as real by the current sciences, is actually in a transitory state, outside its natural domain, preparing everything and everyone to return to their true state of being.

If it were not so, nothing and no one would change, nothing and nobody would transform, everything and everyone would be eternal, would be real

So, if everything and everyone is outside their true natural, we must observe what the Greater Power, which is Nature, determines, so that the changes are made to fulfill the encounter with our true natural – of everything and everyone which is eternal.

Hence this ancient and wise saying: “Face the music!” And whoever determines this music is the highest state of the universe, which is Nature, from whom everything and everyone depends to reach the fullness of being, the true natural state, which has been lost for eons of years, due to the overflow of our actions beyond the natural basis by the abuse of the free will, when we enjoyed absolute happiness in the world of the eternals.

This is a point where all of us, students of Rational Culture, have been insisting on our exposures of the culture of the eternals, THE RATIONAL WORLD on Earth, The Rational Culture. We have fallen, because we caused part of the ETERNAL WORLD to fall, part that was still in formation for its full function in eternity.

See, feel, the seriousness of what we are affirming, and we do that based on very serious studies, proved and perceived in ourselves, and which all humanity must go through so that it can reach the same conclusions, because, this is how people will change and become better, assuming their real nature, helping the world to change from water to wine.

It turns out that there are two worlds. The deformed world in which we live, and to which we do not belong, and the eternal world that we did not know and to which we belong.

Being materialized and unconscious of this reality, we continue being linked to the world we do not belong to and that is a world of only suffering, for even what does not seem to be suffering, in time comes to show that it is.

And realizing that we belong to a higher, eternal world, without suffering, we are going to disconnect ourselves from the world of suffering and discover within ourselves the portal of access to the world of the eternals, which is free of suffering.

This makes a big difference in our lives because we are getting better and better. Becoming better means detaching ourselves from the patterns that hold our connection to the world of suffering, and automatically discover within ourselves the eternal world of true happiness.

The person improves and binds himself to the top world, for we all bring within us both worlds .

He who comes to understand this simple thing lives in this world of suffering but no longer belongs to it and stops being subjugated by it, since in reality he is free from the world of suffering or is on his way to get totally disconnected.

Therefore, once the person gets to know himself, he will get connected to the SUPERIOR WORLD. It is not to say that the deformed world has become better, it means that one has already obtained the privilege of living in the midst of filth without getting dirty, by having a special protection granted to all who bind themselves or are connecting with the TOP WORLD, the RATIONAL WORLD. And that this protection is given little by little, not at once, all being very natural.

There everything thrives triumphantly and more and more in the person’s life. So, having said that, you will understand our message to you when we say: Pay attention! Do you want to have a prosperous life, see your business thrive, have a financially balanced life and everything going right in your life?

So, my friend, get off this wrong line, the line of thought and imagination. What is the use of thinking what is not, believing that it still is?

What is the use of imagining what does not exist?

The thought and the imagination are functions of the artifice to believe in what is not true.

Look around the world for the proofs of millennia in which all nations have been deceived! But all this was necessary and essential for our betterment, because we were troglodytes, men of the cave.

But this phase of the age of stones has passed, like so many others, such as the Middle Ages, the Industrial Revolution, the Age of Modernity, culminating in the computer age that is the last stage of stoning, even for those who still dream that they will find a solution of their lives in the material being.

Everything is necessary and essential, but the person must be aware that they are only material assets and should be used without illusion, because what will make a difference in the lives of all is the brotherly love, respect for everything and everyone, solidarity, in which everybody is capable of being in the other’s shoes, so that they won’t harm or hurt one another.

Everyone needs to understand that thought and imagination have already provided all that they could.

Today the Phase is another, it is the Rational Phase, the Phase of the Third Millennium, the phase for all to detach themselves from the world of suffering and to connect themselves to the REAL world, our True World of origin, the Rational World, where everything is LIGHT and happiness .

The Third Millennium is on Earth to guide everyone to what is necessary to develop the SUPERIOR common sense, the Reasoning, the RIGHT of the PHASE IN FORCE. It is necessary to dance according to the music or face the music. And the music is now the development of the Reasoning.

The phase of the Second Millennium was removed, which was the phase of thought, to enter into Nature the Rational Phase, which replaced the phase of thought.

My friend, nothing will be better if we remain connected to the line of thought and imagination. It may seemingly work for a while, but sooner or later it will collapse.

And then, my friend, everything you’ve invested and applied with the desire to have everything goes downhill.

So get off that wrong line. The RIGHT for your physical, moral and financial progress is in the RIGHT LINE, THE RATIONALE LINE, the RIGHT that will adjust your life and the life of all mankind for your own GOODNESS and BEAUTIFUL LIVING.

The will to go on the right way is in yourself and in the humanity. You just need to have the book of the Reasoning in hands so that this new change takes place in your life and in the life of all humanity, if you all proceed in the same way and have the RATIONAL LIGHT as THE GUIDE and CONDUCTOR, that is, the Reasoning.

He is waiting for you and waiting for all humanity in the Book UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT. Through its daily reading, you will all have the joy of beginning to see your ways open and the locks broken. On this great and luminous journey, persistence is everything!

And in so doing, my friend, you will have a RATIONAL CONDUCTOR for your journey through life, where the glories of glory will follow each day.

Therefore, this is the RIGHT LINE to be followed, because it is the LINE OF REASON, the LINE OF THE ABSOLUTE TRIUMPH, because the REASONING is the ABSOLUTE DONOR OF LIFE.

Make yourself aware of that STRENGTH, and you will always follow THE RIGHT WAY.

When the book Universe in Disenchantment reaches your hands, you will be congratulated by Nature, the Rational Phase and the Third Millennium, because in your hands will be the TRUE KNOWLEDGE of who you are, where you come from and where you are going.

All this knowledge is in this brilliant Book Universe in Disenchantment of Rational Culture!

This is the Book to dance according to the music in Nature!



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