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(Nely Castilho, student of Rational Culture, Brasília, DF)



Friend, it will be very gratifying for Humanity to acknowledge that it should develop the reasoning, because it is very dangerous to be bound to thought and imagination, because the phase of thought ended in 1935; thought and imagination are the invisible charging forces of Nature over those who are disconnected from Her, Nature.

That is, thought and imagination had always been the executioners of the thinkers, until the thinkers could awake to the fact that they are living outside their true natural.

Then, when they wake up and understand this, and know that the ruling Phase in Nature is here to free all the   thinkers from these tormentors, who are thought and imagination, and that this freedom is in developing the Reasoning, the joy will be great, because no one has ever hoped that the achievement of this definitive freedom in the lives of all people would be so simple.

And then, when they begin to deem what is most serious in everyone’s life, which is the development of the Reasoning, they will be astonished, stupefied even, to see how everything begins to work in their lives;

everything unfolds thanks to the benefactor action of the Rational fluid of the RATIONAL ENERGY, which is taking care of the mind and body of those who are reading with patience and persistence this preciousness that is the Book of RATIONAL ENERGY, Universe in Disenchantment.

And that is why, for those who are not reading the Universe in Disenchantment books, everything is becoming more and more complicated, as the national and international Media have shown us very well, because the person is thinking and imagining at a stage which is not more of thought and of imagination, and thought and imagination can not do anything for anyone else, because these invisible forces of thought and imagination are in FAILURE and LIQUIDATION, leading only to FAILURES and LIQUIDATION whoever is connected with them, for they do not know what truly is the INVISIBLE SUPERIOR FORCE called REASONING- which they will know and understand only with the assiduous reading of the Book of the REASONING, Universe in Disenchantment of Rational Culture.

Look how everything is turned upside down in the world today, in a total and absurd inversion of values, where the majority today wants to invent patterns that go against the standards wisely created by our Mother Nature, and thinking that they are very right. They do not know which box of hornets they are stirring, not even considering the terrible consequences they are entailing with their foolish deeds, and even disrespecting and mocking those who do not adhere to their follies.

They can not see right, being puppets of the electromagnetic forces of thought and imagination, as slaves of these forces to create a SODOM and GOMORRA much worse and greater than we have ever had on Earth before. So there is the formation of an unprecedented hecatomb in the world – happy are those who wake up in time and cling to the reading of the Universe in Disenchantment books!

The Phase today belongs to the Reasoning which represents the absolute respect to all the real values of peace, transcendental love, fraternity and concord, and that this concord is to agree with what Nature is determining in the CURRENT Phase, that is the Rational Phase, where there are no disputes, no harm to anyone, and where the family is kept under the aegis of absolute honor and union.

The Reasoning is the RIGHT Conductor to get everyone on the line, so that this great victory of humanity is achieved by the preservation of the family: the definitive freedom, leaving all humanity free from the action of negativity, which brings one against the other and destroys the rest.

The Reasoning is the RIGHT to rid the person of harmful encounters, which, in fact, lead to disagreements and often to fatality.

The Reasoning represents safety, protection, virtue, health, and peace above all. Today we are living, in the Rational Phase, with the RATIONAL ENERGY, relying on all the benefits of it, and being free of thought and imagination.

Learn how to benefit from all this GREATNESS too, my friend, by finding that Conducting Friend, which is the REASONING, THE SUPREME INVISIBLE FORCE that everyone has in the center of their heads in the pineal gland. He is in the Book Universe in Disenchantment of Rational Culture.

But, this praise is not for everyone, only for the dedicated ones with love, affection and respect to the Rational Phase, reading daily and spreading news about the books Universe in Disenchantment. We must do whatever we can, otherwise, no benefit whatsoever will come. One should plant in order to harvest.

Therefore, the danger lies in being connected to thought, unaware that the Phase is of the REASONING, the REAL OWNER OF THE RATIONAL ANIMAL’S LIFE, for being THE ENERGY of the TRANSCENDENTAL WORLD from where we originate.

The Reasoning, since it is the Owner of Life, saves the Rational Animal and prevents him from being a victim of the drug addicts and criminals who are the tools of the magnetic energy, lurking on the distracted ones to assault on them, because they have been compromised by the ailing effects of thought and imagination.

And all this for the lack of protection of the REASONING.

My Friend, everyone who has THIS BOOK in hand, respecting it and adopting its teachings for their lives, will have whom to count on and where to cling to.

So, it is only through the development of THE REASONING that you can go anywhere and return in safety for those you love and care about.

And that it is the most gratifying FORCE for all mankind.

Get this book of the true God, the Rational Light, which is guiding all Humanity. The Book is Universe in Disenchantment of Rational Culture!

This is the Book! GO FOR IT!


Contacts and book orders can be done by the following emails:


or  by phone:

 (562) 818-4731


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