Students thorwing paper and airplanes in class

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(Mary Sana, a student of Rational Culture, Belo Horizonte, MG – BRAZIL)



Education, a transforming principle of any society, has suffered through the ages a regretful devaluation due to one cause only: failure of the human being`s thinking ability.

Everyone involved in the educational process: governments, teachers, families and pupils, became victims of themselves, since without the cognitive condition working in its full capacity, the actions became unfeasible.

The teaching staff, committed to its profession, came to watch, perplexed the decay of values that guide the educating principles, as well as the lack of conditions to apply the curricular contents.

The decay in the many educational systems permeate the whole world, in some countries more, in others less, depending on the social economic situation of each one.

Analyzing specifically the already chaotic social situation of Brazil, which also affects education, it becomes important to detach some actions, in an effort to help solving the problems which went on increasing, to the extent that something had to be done.

We are conversant with initiatives which objectified easing the visible collapse of the Brazilian teaching system, such as: school computerizing, some new methodological experimentations, automatic approval, updating of the NCP (National Curricular Parameters), and the ENEN (High School National Examination), and so on. The latter being the access door for the student to join the higher education, as well as the social programs attached to it, prioritizing students of low income.

But all the efforts only disguised the problem, for the causing root was not considered: the progressive liquidation of a phase that reached its end: the thought phase ended, for here in the matter everything that has a beginning has an end.

In 1935, Nature changed phases, and the energy in command since then is another. The Rational Energy is ruling Nature, and the societies continue to keep the same behavior already diphased from the previous phases: of the imagination and of the thought.

Thus, everyone seeking advanced results and acting in a backward fashion, completely dissociated from the evolution that Nature requires from us.

We are in the Third Millennium, and the natural validity asks for the progress of the Reasoning through the mobilization, the movement, the development of the Pineal gland or Epiphysis, materialized in everyone´s head.

The full development of that intelligible power will guarantee, through its salutary and precise orientations, the progress that many already glimpsed, but still do not know how to transform it in a real fact.

Considered as the most influent name in the education field during the second half of the 20th century, Jean Piaget (1896-1980), a Swiss psychologist, biologist, and epistemologist, a name that almost became a pedagogy synonym, although not being an educator. He was someone who created an investigation field which he denominated genetic epistemology, a knowledge theory centered in the child´s natural development, aiming at studying the evolution of the thought from the infancy to the adolescence. Creator of the “Constructivist Theory” which revolutionized the child´s education, affirming that knowledge is a result of the pupil´s personal construction.

In the fringe of a new era, the people´s Rationalization Era, the New Culture, the Rational Culture, is confirming the natural power and those studious thinkers who preceded the Rational Phase, due to their intuitive intelligence, already realized that the human potentiality should be developed respecting the learner’s natural conditions.

Nowadays, technologically advanced societies live in familiar terms with backward forms of human relations, people without any social ability, prioritizing the individualism and ignoring the collective.

Violence became reality in schools here in Brazil and in the world, for we are aware of many regrettable cases of violent attacks, for instance: of students harming mortally their colleagues  in the US, a country where the educational system works theoretically.

But the majority does not pay attention to the heads that are disconnected from the natural, weakened, generating unbalanced societies; people sickened psychologically and physically, dismembered families, private and public companies badly administered and driven to bankruptcy. That pathological gear became a snow ball, where a mistake caused another.

Everyone protesting, the public power being held responsible, unfortunately corrupted and not being able to defend itself, for non humanitarian attitudes generate revolt and the solution never comes up. What has happened is the discredit of the stock chart and the lack of common sense for each one to admit their mistakes.

What fine progress we have built! The inner violence, the violence manifested since the familiar society until the great society, which compels the human beings to live together, and the school impotent, without resources to work the values and knowledge, for it also became a space of materialization of the brutal relationships.

The devaluation of the school space came to the point of needing to work under police protection, with daily happenings of assaults on teachers, children and employees.

That new generation deserves a better reality to be able to build its future, mainly because it has already been determined by SOMEONE in HIS OWN RIGHT, that times of peace, prosperity and health be lived.

Time is of rebuilding and it is not about a romantic tale narrated by human beings who never succeeded in changing this pitiful picture.

It is about the cultural renewal, reeducation, for we have already been doctrinated, and who has been able to absorb the first steps of the thought´s civilization, is now apt to develop the REASONING, which will make a revolution of peace in this so depredated planet.

Healthy people will constitute healthy families and society will inevitably receive the reflexes of the natural sanity of the one who  exerts his maximum intellectual capacity, which is to REASON,  a HUMANITARIAN RIGHT guaranteed by the MAXIMUM FORCE that rules everyone, MOTHER NATURE, responsible for everyone´s integrity and survival.

Violence does not condone with RATIONAL ENERGY´S ENERGETIC VIBRATION that hovers universally over all beings and thus being; the SUPERIOR ORDER is for us to live together with Rationality, for the prevailing POWER of the PHASE, is RATIONAL.

The teaching of the Rational Culture, in the Books “Universe in Disenchantment”, must be established in the schools, firstly in the Brazilian territory, and after, exported to the rest of the world, promoting the very, very urgent mankind´s recovery!


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(*)  Text in Portuguese:

Sobre nalub7

Uma pessoa cuja preocupação única é trabalhar em prol da verdadeira consciência humana, inclusive a própria, através do desenvolvimento do raciocínio, com base nas leis naturais que regem a natureza e que se encontram no contencioso da cultura natural da natureza, a CULTURA RACIONAL, dos Livros Universo em Desencanto.
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  1. nalub7 disse:

    Mary, let us use here a term much adopted by you in the comments you make in this blog: WHAT A REASONED TEXT! CONGRATULATIONS!
    Violence in Education, and present in all Institutions in the whole world, is a reflex of the increasing violence that each human being is committing against himself, when, for being detached from Nature did not feel Her change from one phase to the other, which requires a great inner change for the better.
    A change never occurred before, to take away the Rational animal from the duality of the electromagnetic dominance, where mankind only thinks and imagines and does not REASON.
    Yes, previous to the Rational Phase entry, which occurred in 1935, Reasoning was impossible, for the Reasoning energy does not belong to the material duality context, belongs to the Superior World, the RATIONAL WORLD.
    The Reasoning Energy is an ESSENTIALLY SPATIAL ENERGY, it is the RATIONAL ENERGY, which came into force on Earth in 1935 to promote mankind´s development of the Reasoning; Reasoning that was paralyzed, awaiting the phase of its development by the RATIONAL ENERGY.
    Therefore, the civilizations and cultures that existed previous to 1935 were Nature´s providences for the development of the imagination and thought, which are functions of the matter for the living creature to live in the matter, stuck to the ground. It was a phase of mankind´s lapidation and preparation in order to reach a superior phase.
    Thought and imagination are leaders of the material life with their dismemberments for their apparent organization. In the language much used nowadays, we can say that life in the matter in its thought and imagination phase was a gigantic “FAKE NEWS”.
    Reasoning, in a completely different way, regulates the superior fluidic life, the true natural state, not permitting that the artificial actions of the thought and of the imagination interfere in the peoples´ moral, physical, psychological, and financial stability, raising them to the Rational Apparatus class, which means to be linked to and led by the RATIONAL ENERGY, where everyone respects each other, understands each other, harmonize themselves, concretizing a life of concord, one for the other, for the RATIONAL ENERGY is ONE ONLY.
    An energy that is characterized by the pureness, cleanness, and perfection of its vibrational frequency, leading everyone to behave in a plainly equilibrated form, without any material greediness or ambition.
    Therefore, the functioning Reasoning comes to completely rule the people´s thought and imagination, reason why everyone does get out-of-balance, since the human disequilibrium results from the thought/imagination variation.
    This mankind´s elevation of class, sets up the real establishment of a superior culture among everyone, based on the transcendental orientations of the Reasoning, for Reasoning belongs to the SUPERIOR WORLD, the RATIONAL WORLD, Reasoning being then, the link with that Superior World where are found the original forms of everything that exists in the material primary field.
    Thence, the final solution of all the intricate and ancient problems of the material world (visible and invisible), which could never be solved through the thought and the imagination, for these functions arise from the matter and are incapable to access the solving formulas of everything that exist in this Second World in which we live, and which can only be found in the First World.
    For that reason, it is VERY URGENT that the teaching of the Rational Culture be formalized in schools, at all levels, in the whole world, as a definite solution for all the problems, for the thought phase ended without providing a solution for the most serious world difficulties that remain until today. That is why the thought and the imagination are not able to transcend and have access to the Superior World, where all the solutions that we look for are, and we could never found them.
    It remains to the world to become aware of Nature´s so elevated change, which is the Rational Phase, for mankind to commemorate day and night and night and day everyone´s triumphal entry into the Spatial Phase, where the values and molds of life will be completely different from the ones of the thought phase, for they will be cultural pillars, treaded upon love, peace, fraternity and the universal concord of one for all and all for one.
    Very grateful, Mary, for your stunning text!
    Praised to be the Rational Phase of the Third Millennium!

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    • Mary Sana disse:

      I am the one who is grateful!

      Your brilliant and punctual words, together with the intelligent placements of Gilberto, added to the text the didactics that it is supposed to have.

      That junction based on the RATIONAL LITERATURE, was perfect!

      Curtido por 1 pessoa

  2. Gilberto Carnasciali disse:

    What a fortuitous idea I had to invite you to white a text in this Blog…and what a text! Complete in every sense.
    I see Brazil going accross a phase of great social and political transformations, which will influence positively the ways of teaching in the schools. Education in general, and notably at the schools, has failed and is leading the whole system to a self dismantling and scrapping process, creating slaved students in a savage, corrupt and self-destructive regime.
    A country is considered an area marked in a geographic map, inhabited by its people, civilized or not. A nation is a country in which civilization has already been established, developed and evolved to a point in which civism, civilization´s basic point, comes to act and serve everyone in the form of one for all and all for one..
    That basic point is peace, love and fraternity, which presently is lacking in the world, but the transformations that mankind is being submitted to, is changing everything and everyone, for we are right now going through another change of phase: from the Rational animal free-thinker phase to the Rational Phase, the Rational Energy Phase, which came down here in the form of Reasoning to dematerialize the Inhabitant of the RATIONAL WORLD, the Reasoning machine of the Third Millennium, who lies dormant inside the Pineal gland.
    In the USA, the world´s most developed nation, the degenerance in the schools also happen in great proportions, however in a diferent way: students, or former students invade class rooms armed from top to toe, shooting down their classmates, most of them killing themselves afterwards.
    Tragedies which are originated from bullying in most cases, a differentiated relationship of power that overwelms, sickens and allucinates the weaker ones to the extreme point of causing them to commit atrocities.
    But as you very well pointed out in your text, the solution will finally come when Rational Culture is teached in the schools all over the world.
    With the attentive reading of the Books “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture, the students under the preponderance of the Rational Energy fluids, will balance themselves wanting to do the good only, regardless.
    Those students will one day look behind and see a gloomy world from which they got rid of; will look ahead and above and will see the Nation of Brazil blessed by the DIVINE PROVIDENCE, in full Rational development, where GOD, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, is the “ONE” and HIS people the “All”.

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  3. Mary Sana disse:

    Thank you, Gilberto Carnasciali!

    At the time when civilizations the world over had more energetic force, due to their failure having not yet come to the great proportions that we see today, schools, worldly speaking, strived to EDUCATE FOR CIVILITY.

    Today, due to the progress of the thinking civilization, each society is victim of the liquidation which is harnessed to the artificial culture in which it developed itself, as you well specified the bullying question that goes on in the American schools.

    And in the milieu of the ANIMALITY that fell upon all peoples, which theoretically should be civilized, mankind has at its disposal the Rational Culture, which carries in its bulge the Evolution by the Rationality, through the Maximum and Divine faculty which is the Reasoning dictating the rules and literarily teaching what EDUCATION REALLY IS!

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