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(Leony Pereira Moreira de Castilho, student of Rational Culture, Brasilia – DF)



“The natural of the Rational animal is pure, clean and perfect Rational who willingly deformed itself into a Rational animal and became, because of the deformation of Nature, unaware of the true origin and the true natural.” (SUPERIOR RATIONAL)

This is how the author of the Rational Culture Books, “Universe in Disenchantment,” proves and corroborates that we were all one Energy, Rational Energy, bodies of pure, clean and perfect cosmic mass, with their progress of purity.

Therefore, in the World from which we came and belong, there is equality and, consequently, balance, peace, love, brotherhood, harmony and happiness.

When we degenerated and deformed with our departure from the RATIONAL WORLD, we all became different from each other, losing freedom of self-sufficiency, depending on everything and everyone, multiplying degeneration and deformation through reproduction.

And being fruits of successive reproductions, we are the remains of each other and all, therefore, interconnected.

That is why we suffer the consequences of the attitudes of everyone and everything, because everything and everyone is interconnected.  (1)

And so, friends, the difficulties that everyone is going through, such as unemployment, lack of money for healthy eating, are present everywhere in the world, due to the lack of knowledge that we are unnatural, degenerated and deformed, unable to live or get out of this situation without the help of a Higher World.

However that help has already come to earth when the Higher Energy of our True World, the RATIONAL WORLD, came to command Nature in 1935.

This Energy is the RATIONAL ENERGY for the development of our TRUE SELF, which is the RATIONAL part of the Rational animal. This part is THE REASONING, which has become paralyzed in the central cerebral gland, the Epiphysis (or Pineal Gland) awaiting the stage of its development.

This unprecedented fact was the milestone of the Third Millennium, the Millennium of the Reasoning development, which can only be developed and evolved by the RATIONAL ENERGY of the RATIONAL WORLD, where we came from and where we have to return.

There has thus been a Phase shift in Nature, due to the change in command of the electric and magnetic energies of this underworld we inhabit, to THE RATIONAL ENERGY, the Energy of SUPREME to ALL AND EVERYTHING, the SUPERIOR RATIONAL.

As a result, the Second Millennium, which was the phase of thought, was removed so that Reasoning could only be developed by RATIONAL ENERGY.

The electric and magnetic energies then began to destroy all their deeds, causing the world imbalance: moral, physical and financial demise.

Every day the human kind gets more unbalanced, as it postpones the beginning of the development of its Reasoning, which needs to be protected from the destructive actions of those negative energies (electrical and magnetic, thought and imagination).

As all humans  are interconnected, there is an urgent need to disconnect from this electromagnetic field, so as not to suffer the influences of the imbalances of the thinkers, these imbalances caused by the lack of mental nurturing provided by Nature, which no longer favors those still outside the RATIONAL LINE, because they are still thinking and imagining.

And what is happening which is frighteningly accelerating imbalances around the world?

THE WEATHERING OF THOUGHT, which causes the thinker to lose feeling, becoming a monster to commit all kinds of barbarity.

And, on top of that, everyone’s thought is drying day by day without everybody noticing it!

This phase change has occurred since 1935. Since then, humanity has been and continues to be warned of the dangers it faces. But most people disregard the warnings, and continue to live as if this fraudulent life of matter were reality – and the fruits they are reaping from mismatches have not been pleasant at all and will get much worse!

For everyone to count on the help of the UPPER WORLD, the RATIONAL WORLD, they must be aware of the contents of the Rational Culture Books, “Universe in Disenchantment”. Then, yes, they will have the RIGHT guidelines to get rid of the suffering that is likely to increase every day, resulting from the liquidation of the thinkers.

Everyone has a pre defined life span in the matter, between birth and death. This duration can be extended for those who take into account the warnings of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, which since 1935 has been recommending to everyone the development of the Reasoning, so that they can have all that they need, by simply reading and rereading the Books that He dictated here on earth so that the aid could come to humanity without distinction.

Life is short and it goes by very fast!

It is imprudent to leave for later what is the most important in everyone’s life, which is the development of the Reasoning, because the person leaves home but never knows if he will get back. With the orientations of the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, through the Rational reading, the reader has his ways open for balance in life and his return to the natural state. Nature, satisfied, facilitates the reader’s life from all points of view, especially in relation to health, because life without health is worth nothing!

So, friend, call on the Rational Phase for your positive progress, your overall balance, and your family’s progress. Do not hesitate, do not put it off, you may not have any more time!

Go to this Book “Universe in Disenchantment” to be a WINNER, not vanquished by the pitfalls of thought, which is the disruptor and destroyer of everyone’s life.

Get out of the line of thought and FOLLOW THE RATIONALE LINE, RIGHT for everything you need.

When this Book comes to you, Nature will be congratulating you on your encounter with the Universal Light of Redemption, which is your Reasoning.

Never leave this Book aside! Read, reread for a better understanding! So, friend, the Book is “Universe in Disenchantment”, of Rational Culture! The Phase in force in NATURE is the Rational Phase, the phase of the Reasoning, not thought.

Wanna WIN?

Start Reasoning!

Wanna go down in life?

Of course not! Then get out of the line of thought, for in the Rational Phase, in Rational Culture, there is one SOLUTION to all of your problems and humanity’s.

The Book is “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture! Go for this Book, your Victory is in this Book!

Grab it and be happy !!!




(1) As Rational animals, we have the animal part, which is linked to all that is        material, and we have the Rational part, which is ONE in all heads. As “Rational animals” we depend on the animal part, being linked to the material field and thereby suffering its influences. At the same time, we are all linked RATIONALLY because the reasoning is ONE BEING. That is why we say that “everything and everyone is interconnected”. Everything before it was what it was, RATIONAL ENERGY. The RATIONAL WORLD, the RATIONAL ENERGY, Pure, Clean and Perfect Rational Inhabitants, and RATIONAL ENERGY from the PART OF THE RATIONAL WORLD that was still in formation and not ready for progress.


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