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Antoine Laurent Lavoisier (Paris, 1743 – 1794) proved that “nothing is lost, nothing can be created, everything transforms” Nonetheless the question remains unsanswerd: why and what for?

Albert Einstein, German physicist and Nobel Price in physics in 1921 proved that we live in an electric and magnetic field, that is, everything was formed by these two energies, though, they kept their different forms and functions. And this duality exist in the whole universe, so here we have: male (electrique) versus female (magnetic); the day is electrique and the night is magnetic.

We could stay on this long list of dichotomies forever, however, the bottom line is: nature is formed by the opposites due to the electrique and magnetic formation.

They produce the attraction forces one over the other without mixing up and, consequently, they keep their distinctive natures.

They never add to each other. 

The inevitable question is: how did these two forces come to be? How did their formation and function come about?

Sciences is aware of the fact that the discovery of the origin of the electromagnetism is the answer to the origin of the universe in which we live. This will, subsequently, lead to the origin of humanity.

This will signify the solution of all issues involving the human life. All that has been, however, locked in the electromagnetism.                                                                                        

This is the reason why the world is and will always be under fights and wars throwing one against the other for the demise of their own species. And the peace? Always numb for that matter!

We know for sure that there is no effect without a cause. The cause of the son is the father. The son may not know of his father, but will eventually assume that somewhere a man fecundated his mother and, thus, he was born.

Therefore, as everything has a cause, an origin, this world where we live, likewise, has its own cause.

And how did this world come to existence? That is what will be summed up through 1006 books, entitled UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, where RATIONAL CULTURE, the Culture of the Development of the Reasoning is condensed.

Capa do Livro UD EM ING

The Reasoning is the function of the pineal gland or, better known as, the Epiphyses, located in the isthmus of the mid-brain.

Before turning into what we are, that is, electric-magnetic bodies, what were we? We were bodies of pure, clean and perfect energy 

Where did we live?

We lived in the eternal world, where the energy is also pure, clean and perfect, that is, RATIONAL, permanent and invariable, something that is unimaginable in the electric-magnetic dimensions. 

Thus, in this world there is no law of transformation because it is wholly equilibrated. It is the RATIONAL WORLD!

Now then, we can start with the true history of humanity.

For 21 eternities ( each eternity is of countless eons ), some inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD decided to enter a small part of it, which was not yet ready for the progress of pureness , because it was still being developed to reach its state of pureness.

They were told not to penetrate this part but they did it anyway. And, since it is a world of pureness there is no coercion of freedom.

Therefore, since that part was not ready for the Rational progress, in spite of being pure, clean and perfect, there was an exchange of energy between the Rational Beings and this part which produced an unbearable energetic intensity and, consequently, it started to detach from the source – the Rational World.  

As those beings realized that they were outdistancing the Rational World, it was too late for going back, and they went further afield.

At that point some Rational Beings decided to stop their progress, creating thus the SUPERIOR ASTRAL. The others went on with their progress and, in the continuation, they started losing their virtues, which gathered to form a light spot, which later on gave cause to the existence of the Sun. 

The conclusion of the formation of the Sun produced the detachment of those beings from the SUPERIOR ASTRAL. And, again, these beings tried to go back to the SUPERIOR ASTRAL but couldn’t, for their detachment from that energetic field had been fulfilled. They stopped their progress and caused the formation of the INFERIOR ASTRAL.

See the inhabitants of the SUPERIOR ASTRAL, who in spite of being detached from the RATIONAL WORLD, they never lost their virtues. They just got stranded from the RATIONAL WORLD.

Therefore they are likewise bodies of pure, clean energy, however, not wholly perfect for lacking the connection with the WORLD OF ORIGIN – THE RATIONAL WORLD.

They formed, so to speak, the field of MEDIATING CONSCIOUS ENERGY.

Nonetheless those who lost their first virtues, giving origin to the formation of the Sun, which today, after being completely deformed, resulted into the electric-magnetic poles, got under the commandment and dependency of this dual system, totally locked without any possibility of return to the source, thus, deforming more and more since the light spot was heating up. 

They got submitted to this pole which resulted in the sun. They became electric and magnetic invisible beings. They are widely known as spirits, angels, saints, archons, etc…; however what they really are is eternal bodies of electric and magnetic energies. From the electric part, the good ones (which is the apparent good, because of their level of deformity) and the magnetic part, even more deformed and, for this reason, more evil.

Well, pursuing the genesis of our formation, the beings that continued with their progress, went on all by themselves to the point of extinguishing completely, losing all virtues, detaching from the INFERIOR ASTRAL, connecting themselves to the gum (which became later on into water and in the resin (which became earth).

So these events entailed the formation of the rough matter with the positive and negative poles. Being positive the beings that extinguished on the water, forming the male gender, and negative, the beings that extinguished on the earth, forming the female gender. These materialized electric and magnetic bodies lost their possibility of returning to the Rational World – their origin.

Explanation: the pure, clean and perfect energy of that part of the PLAIN, which was not ready for the Rational development, started to descend and, as it went down, it gradually deformed, transforming into a gum, which under the effect of the heating light spot formed by the virtues (energies) of the Rational beings, changed into a jelly substance and then water. From the other part of the plain which turned into gum, instead of liquefying, it burned, blistered, got charred and changed into dust, the origin of the earth.

So, in short, we have three fields of energy, which are of distinctive natures: electric and magnetic (INFERIOR ASTRAL), conscious mediating energy (SUPERIOR ASTRAL) and RATIONAL (RATIONAL WORLD) 

Well, the Mediating Conscious Nature has been preparing us for our rational return to our world of origin for 21 eternities now. It is time we regained our natural form of pure, clean and perfect Rational Beings. Therefore there are three dimensions involved in this: THE INFERIOR ASTRAL, THE SUPERIOR ASTRAL AND THE RATIONAL WORLD. 

It has been an amazing task! Firstly, the FORMATION of the material bodies, having its primordial functions in the head as imagination, thought and Reasoning (the pineal gland or epiphysis).

After the development of imagination through the magnetic energy, so that the human being could apprehend the material world, there came the development of thought by the electric energy, so that there could be the connection of the human being with the INFERIOR ASTRAL.

At this point in time there came about the Astrology. The Astrologic Alphabet guided by the SUPERIOR ASTRAL and handed down to the INFERIOR ASTRAL, the benign beings of this dimension, then, forwarded to the human beings.

The human beings guided themselves with the astrologic alphabet because it showed to them what was the best for each person’s life; for example, it showed where one should live, with whom to marry, and how many children and what occupation to have, in other words, it was so perfect that the person never developed any fixation on the matter and kept the person focused on his or her ascendancy to the world of origin – THE RATIONAL WORLD.

Hence, everyone was oriented by the Astrologic Alphabet which is printed on the palms of our hands, and it tells where and how the individual should live.

Nonetheless it was a limited alphabet, it never provided for the unsustainable desires and caprices of the greedy and insatiable humans. So, some humans got rebelled against it and decided to bring forth a new alphabet, without the spiritual orientation, but based only on their inner sleazy side. They thought they could cater for their desires, however, they fell into the realms of sheer suffering and illusion.

Bottom line: they got even more connected with the matter, instead of connecting to the benign powers of the INFERIOR ASTRAL. Nature indignant with all that allowed the intrusion of the space marginal lower consciousness of the Terrestrial Astral, who have been here, to date, fabricating all forms of control and bad influences; they even tried to temper with the human genome. That is the cause of the chaos on Earth.

Had we gone forth with the astrologic alphabet, we would have been all connected with the SUPERIOR ASTRAL and, consequently, with the RATIONAL WORLD at this point in time. We would’ve been for long immunized and very equilibrated.

The situation of the human being has turned out very serious, indeed. We are about to go to the 22nd eternity, whose transformation leads to the inferior classes of the irrational animals. Hence, the RATIONAL WORLD has intervened for our sake, sending one of our brothers from the Rational World, who by his own free will submitted himself to the animal materialization, but with his Reasoning developed, in order to bring to our knowledge the origin of formation of this world of matter.

Only then, we can awaken from this dream and regain our connection firstly with the benign beings of the Inferior Astral, then the guiding entities of the SUPERIOR ASTRAL and, finally to the inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD.

All that now will be attained through the reading of the Rational Books, Universe in Disenchantment.

And our brother, who materialized to teach us the way back to the Rational World, Mr. Manoel Jacintho Coelho, born in the old capital of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, in 1903, is the one who brought the knowledge of our World of Origin. On the day of his birth a bright shining light appeared at the door of his house, while his mother, Rosa, was on labor. This man came with the mission which had been announced in the Bible; he is the SON OF MAN, as it was said, and the book he brought reveals the 7 seals, which, we as students of Rational Culture know, are the 7 parts that give cause to our existence, explained in the 1st volume of the Rational Culture Books, Universe in Disenchantment.

We were once warned by the SUPERIOR RATIONAL and, again, we are being warned by Him that this is our last chance to return to the origin, otherwise this return will not happen but we will go down to the inferior classes, running along infinite transformations into all possible existing animals to the point of changing into pebbles, then stones, water, the cosmic jelly and, finally, the Rational Plain, which was not yet ready for the RATIONAL DEVELOPMENT.

Therefore, it is a long, very long way back through the inferior classes. And this trajectory will take 7 more eternities.

It is time now to stop the connection with matter through the study of the Rational Culture Books, UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, and attain our connection with the eternal life of the eternals, pure, clean and perfect beings. That’s the only way through the UPPER DOOR 

A clarification: The development of imagination was in the 1st Millennium; the development of thought was in the 2nd Millennium and today’s phase is for the development of the Reasoning (Pineal Gland or Epiphysis), that is, the 3rd Millennium which started in 1935.

This phase concluded the mission of thought on Earth. Thought is decaying due to the fact that its phase has long expired.

So whoever wants to retrieve the fair equilibrium in life, and count upon Nature’s protection, will have to develop his Reasoning through the daily reading of the books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT.

Otherwise, the person will be living against Nature, and living against who provide us with everything we need for living is not good at all. Nature is very dependable in our lives.


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