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My friend, life has always followed two lines, something totally ignored by humanity due to its lack of life’s true knowledge.

You have always been distracted by fantasies, illusions, dreams and appearances so that everyone got deceived by their own beliefs that there were a million of life lines when, in fact, there are only two: the line of ASCENDANCY and the line of FALL.

The line of ascendancy is the NATURAL ONE, the line of NATURE.

The line of fall is the ARTIFICIAL ONE, the ARTIFICIAL LINE.

And thus when everything goes wrong in your life it is a sign that you are on the wrong line of life, THE LINE AGAINST NATURE, and you need to settle this problem in order to avoid a chain reaction of other problems.

If you happen to get yourself in this chain reaction you are probably feeling lost and helpless!

You knock on doors begging for help and all you get is people turning away from you.

My friend, this is the sign Nature is giving you that you are on the wrong way, the wrong line of life, going against her.

In order to change your life, you need to change your line and follow the right way. This way can only be found in the RATIONAL CULTURE BOOKS which contain the correct line of life.

All the solutions to your problems will be found in these books, since all of your problems are caused by the ARTIFICIAL LINE, which you adopted unconsciously. This book comes from the highest level of Nature and their reading will provide you with the necessary actions to harmonize your life; thus you will be able to lead your way on the NATURAL LINE, THE RATIONAL LINE.

However in order to get to this point you have to obtain this Book to be aware of the change of phase in Nature, changes which will get you on the line of ascendancy, the NATURAL LINE.

What change?

The change which took place in 1935. The phase of the second Millennium, which is the phase of thought, which had always ruled the ARTIFICIAL LINE, and it was taken away to give place to a brand new phase ruled by a completely different energy, which is superior to thought and essential for the development of the Reasoning, the NATURAL LINE.

Therefore since 1935 we have been on the Phase of the Reasoning and not of thought anymore, for this reason you have all these problems in your life, and this is not only happening to you but to humanity as a whole. 

And you know why?

Because you are still thinking and imagining. The thought commander was ousted by the Supreme Energy and, because of that , it lost its supremacy over humanity. As a result it is destroying everything that it created through its human machines, and what is to be seen is nothing short of chaos and suffering all around the Globe. That is the clear portrait of life today.

In this new phase of Nature everyone will connect to its ruling energy, THE RATIONAL ENERGY, by reading the books UNIVERSE IN DISENCHANTMENT, where everyone can follow the natural life making them immune to all evil that surrounds them. The protection against the evil produced by thought is in the development of the Reasoning.

This development can only be achieved through the PATIENT AND PERSISTENT READING of the Rational Literary Works.

The reading will, eventually, provide the reader with the true knowledge of life, its inception and continuance to these days, bringing light over the truth of this world and changing the artificial life to the natural life, which is the RATIONAL LIFE. The individual possessing this knowledge will be conducted by the REASONING, which is the connection with the RATIONAL WORLD, the world from where we all came from. Thus the reader will change from the line of fall to the line of ascendancy. The line of fall is thought and the line of ascendancy is the Reasoning.

Nobody could ever know that, because nobody had ever known themselves and been able to respond to the question: “WHO AM I? WHERE AM I GOING TO? AND HOW AM I GOING?

Everyone lived shrouded in mysteries, making confusion between the evolved thought and the Reasoning, thinking always, but never reasoning.  Reasoning is in the RATIONAL ENERGY, which has come upon this world in 1935 and it’s been ruling Nature since then.

Only now people are hearing more of what really Reasoning is through the advertisements made by the students of RATIONAL CULTURE.

The Third Millennium is the right phase for those who want to follow on the ascendancy line, the NATURAL LINE, the RATIONAL LINE.

It is very important that everyone get aware of this change of phase in Nature in order to acknowledge the Rational Phase and understand that thought does not bear the attributes of protection and orientation for the Rational animals. Only those who are in pair with the Nature’s new regency will have the right to live, because only SHE can maintain life with harmony and rightness.

Therefore, as thinkers you will all lose this right, reason why all horrible things are to be seen in this world.

Your success in your life and business depends on your being on the natural line of life and not on the artificial line where there is no human respect at all.

Do what is right; follow the reasoning line, the real lead to a better life. Thought belongs to the line of fall and, for this reason, it is destroying lives and keeping the human race wrapped in passions and illusions, running towards the abyss of eternal death, for thought is the lord of death.

The Reasoning redeems your life and brings it back to ETERNITY, because it is the true lord of life.

The Reasoning will shield your life from all the evil doers that promote violence, shootings, wars in the world.

Many people wonder why life has become so unpredictable to the point that nobody knows if they’re returning home after a day out. Thought lead people to all sorts of fatality and have them helpless and hopeless. Thought is not your friend, it is your enemy, and it will never tell what is about to happen to you.

Thought is the cause of all evil that may happen in your life; you can fall prey to criminals of all kinds, accidents and holdups. The Reasoning, on the other hand, will protect people from all that and, for this reason, its development is essential for the preservation and continuance of life.

The Reasoning is the ultimate power following the NATURAL LINE and its development can be acquired through the reading of the RATIONAL CULTURE BOOKS OF RATIONAL CULTURE, which is the basis of the Third Millennium. The Rational Energy is the true energy of the Reasoning.

Get hold of this energy by seeking it in the books Universe in Disenchantment of Rational Culture.

This is the book!



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