os sete reinos da vida

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If people knew how many beings in the invisible realms work, round the clock, so that everyone in this world, where we live in, will be able to live – sleep, wake up, eat, have the body process food in order to become energy , walk, work, play, reflect, study and socialize with other people, procreate, raise and educate their children and, at the end of life, become what they call death, which does not exist!…

Ah… When everyone is aware of all this, of this absolute, total dependence upon the invisible and visible beings of space, the ones upon the earth and below the earth, that is, all of them;  if they had this knowledge, they would change their behavior completely to a conduct of absolute respect for everything and everyone, but especially for the invisible. For, even the invisible beings, whose function is to do evil, they contribute, in spite of that, to our consciential evolution to accelerate.

Humanity is still an infant, without maturity and living without knowing itself, unknown of the True Divine Consistency, it still needs to be pushed by Nature to evolve, so that it can catch up with the real notion of what life really is.

Yes, because most people ignore that the True Divine Consistency is in THE REASONING, the true ELO of CONNECTION with the True God.

So why do we say the True God?

Because man has always considered himself the “all-powerful one,” with the right to destroy Nature and use it at his pleasure, considering his own kind as slaves and inferior beings. And worse, man has put Nature in this role of slavery, reversing values, as if SHE, who is the owner of everything, depended on man, being that man is the one who depends on Nature  and on everything to live.

That is why we, students of Rational Culture, which is the natural culture of Nature, and that by studying this culture we come to know ourselves, knowing the reality of life in the Book of Nature, Universe in Disenchantment, we have the sacred human duty to alert our fellowmen, in time, to the Truth of Truths contained in this unparallel brilliant book.

And here one will come across very important information about who has always kept us in this apparent life of matter, so that, in spite of our abuse and disobedience, which occurred with our departure from our True World, the RATIONAL WORLD, we were able to live here, until we repent of the great evil that we have done to ourselves, when we turned our backs on the SUPERIOR RATIONAL, which is the SUPREME FORCE above everything and everyone: the True God.

Our life and maintenance are and have always been guaranteed in this world of matter by Seven Sacred Realms of Life with their visible and invisible expressions. The fluids are, so to speak, the part of energy, which the person feels, but does not see, therefore, invisible.

So everything that is living has strength; force is energy, and energy is the power of life.

Everything is energy. Matter is energy transformed into matter.

And so are the fluids, the fluidic bodies are the cause of life.

So what is the most powerful force in the Universe we live in? It is the force of fluids. Thus, in the fluids is the force of greater power.

So the greatest power is the universal power, which is the power that guides us in this second world we live in, represented by the seven-pointed star (which is the Seven Realms of Life) within a circle , which represents the UNION of the Seven Kingdoms, telling us that these Seven Kingdoms work round the clock for the UNION of all, and not for division.

In the illustration of this text, you can see this star GUIDE within a circle, where the top tip of the seven pointed star is represented by the SUN KINGDOM, with its symbolic set stone, which is the ruby.

The ruby ​​represents the strength of the SUN in our lives.

And so, continuing with the observation of the STAR GUIDE, following the hand of a clock, we have the second tip of the star, representing the KINGDOM OF THE STARS, with its symbolic set stone, which is the bright one. Its brightness represents the strength of the STARS in our lives.

Next, the third tip of the STAR, representing the KINGDOM OF THE VEGETABLES, with its symbolic stone which is the emerald.  The emerald represents the force of the VEGETABLES in our lives.

Next, the fourth tip of the star represents the REIGN OF THE EARTH, with its symbolic embedded stone, which is the amethyst. The amethyst represents the force of the earth in our lives.

Next, the fifth tip of the star represents the KINGDOM OF THE WATERS, with its symbolic stone embedded, which is the sea water. The sea water represents the strength of the KINGDOM OF THE WATERS in our lives.

Continuing with our observation, now, we see the sixth tip of the star, which represents the KINGDOM OF THE ANIMALS, with its symbolic stone – topaz. The topaz represents the strength of the ANIMAL KINGDOM in our lives.

And finally, the seventh tip of the star represents the KINGDOM OF THE MOON, with its symbolic stone – the sapphire. The sapphire represents the strength of the MOON KINGDOM in our lives.

These SEVEN KINGDOMS, when they are not respected by you, they act on the left, along the line of negativity, and the person cannot REASON but only think and imagine, living in disunity, in disharmony with Nature, falling under the domain of thought and imagination, which represent the negativity which will lead the human being to misfortunes and sufferings, blocking completely the person’s development in life, not allowing the person to close the circle of health, peace and abundance.

And so thought is a guide to division, not to union, so it generates all torments.

In this case, under the command of thought, the representation of the person’s life becomes the star of the SEVEN KINGDOMS of life without the vital circle, because the circle is the representation of union, therefore, the representation of Reasoning, which is our link of attachment to the Upper World.

The circle surrounding the seven-pointed star represents, therefore, the positive cover of the person by the SEVEN KINGDOMS OF LIFE, by the person being in perfect harmony with these SEVEN KINGDOMS, THE SUN,  THE MOON, THE STARS, THE WATER, THE EARTH, THE ANIMALS AND THE VEGETABLES, which are the seven parts of why we are like this: Rational materialized as Rational animals, but living already equipped with the true positivity, THE RATIONAL ENERGY, living with absolute Rational balance, being able to count on all guidance and protection of Nature in order to live with health and happiness, for having become AWARE and respectful of all the SEVEN KINGDOMS OF LIFE.

Let us now speak of the power of each of these SEVEN KINGDOMS OF LIFE for all who have developed their Reasoning.

REIGN OF THE SUN: gives the person the virtue of calming down the fits of anger. It gives beauty and elegance. Free from false friendships. It preserves health and eliminates the sorrows of the heart.

REIGN OF THE MOON: gives the person Truth, Purity, Peace and Concord. Make the person devout and godly. Inspire good, moderates the fire and the ardor of the passions. It is a talisman of happiness in love. It prevents the person from relapsing into the faults committed. Preserves the person from misery.

REIGN OF THE STARS: It is as the Stars. Thus it transmits the brightness of their beings to the life of the person.

REIGN OF THE VEGETABLES: It gives the wisdom, the vivacity, a good memory and happiness of the heart. It brings together wealth, and the knowledge of the future.

REIGN OF THE ANIMALS: It has the power to control lust. Refrain the anger. It also frees one from bad dreams.

REIGNING THE EARTH: It makes the person’s personality accessible to the sciences. He has the property to deliver the person from pride and vanity. It develops good character. Prevents the person from taking to drinking. It brings happiness and fortune.

REIGN OF WATER: bring the affection of all who are around you.

Thus, in order to have all these benefits, with all these powers for good, it is only necessary for the person to be persistent and patient in the daily reading of the book Universe in Disenchantment to learn how to harmonize with all these SEVEN POWERFUL REIGNS OF LIFE, reaching its maximum point of redemption, THE RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION, because it is covered by the general lines of Nature, which represent the Seven Realms of Life united in one, bringing everyone and everything onto the RATIONAL LINE.

And so the person begins to live united with himself, to his TRUE BEING, to his TRUE self, which is the REASONING, as well as united to everything and everyone; at this point the person will have reached the development and evolution of the greatest gift, which we all possess but never knew, the gift of ALWAYS REASONING AND NEVER THINKING. This is what everyone needs in order to have all the ways opened under the guidance of the True God, the SUPERIOR RATIONAL, relying on the SEVEN KINGDOMS OF LIFE on their favor.

There is another strong reason for everyone to read the Book-God Universe in Disenchantment of Rational Culture.

This is the ONLY book that leads us to the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION.

Rational Greetings to all!


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