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(Mary Sana, a student of Rational Culture, Belo Horizonte, MG – BRAZIL)



We have the duty to thank our new president, Jair Messias Bolsonaro, the great lesson that he taught to all of us Brazilians, who guaranteed him this beautiful victory, a victory that will serve as an example to this modern world, so materialistic and faraway from GOD.

Nature started to be ruled by the Rational Energy as of 1935, replacing the electromagnetism of the two primitive phases that leveraged mankind´s progress.

In the first millennium we imagined, and in the second thought added speed to the minds and to the several civilizations the world over. All kinds of artificialisms were developed, including the transgressing of limits and the moving away of the peoples from Nature´s principles.

Due to that change, the SUPREME POWER brought to us the RATIONAL CULTURE, which imposes by its authenticity – for being TRUE and transmitted directly from our RATIONAL ORIGIN – the WISDOM OF SIMPLICITY.

Reasoning’s Powerful Machine, materialized in the human being´s Pineal gland, suggests to everyone the necessity of the unification through love to your neighbor, and to GOD above all things.

Who Reasons understands, with CLARITY, that there is no CULTURE without the DIVINE MECHANICS in charge, and everyone´s OBEDIENCE to the SUPREME GOVERNMENT, so that the mechanism of the material life is able to function orderly.

We are, without exception, dependents on a GREATER POWER, and autonomy will not exist over our lives if our heads do not receive ILLUMINNATION.

All decision making, be them individuals or that aim at the collectivity, depend on ideas which flow from healthy minds, characterized by the material detachment, which leads to the universal vision, to the intelligence of love, peace and fraternity´s service, resulting in right and natural timely guidance, for the benefit of all Nature´s beings.

And it has been a while that pure materialism failed and does not work for anyone´s benefit.

We watch everywhere in the world the degrading of values, financial difficulties, everyone´s physical and mental health giving warning signs, and fragility in the human relations.

All that, of course, according to each nation´s development, but as regards the EXISTENTIAL DECAY, problems are present in all civilizations in this planet, as a consequence of living away from Nature.

If we are sons of Nature, we are plants coming from that Mother, and living against the natural is a suicidal living.

All of us students of the Books “Universe in Disenchantment” of Rational Culture, are acquainted with BRAZIL´S GREAT MIISSION to the world.

Brazilian continental earth, of privileged fertility, is not it by accident, but because it must feed as many as they come, by SUPERIOR DETERMINATION, looking for physical shelter, and consequently also feeding them with the BENEFACTOR KNOWLEDGE, in the definite and conclusive Phase of man on Earth, which is the people´s Rationalization Phase, the Third Millennium Rational Phase, in order for everyone to come to know themselves, knowing who they are, where they came from, and to where they go, through the development of the Reasoning.

And thus, guaranteeing that the Rational animal walk be STRAIGHT and COHERENT, heading to that APOTHEOTIC TRANSCENDENTAL TIME, which signals the necessity to go back to the practical and humble way of living.

The speech of appearances has tired, exhausted, mainly when it is contaminated by lies and corruptions.

The election of someone who the “intellectuals of the artifice” tried to diminish theoretically, caught the world´s attention, by the popular acceptance.

Someone of simple speech, straight and frank, provoked a brutal reaction, which almost took his life, his most precious possession.

And after the wound, the Home server, once lapidated, proceeded on his march, which imposed on him continuity not to be reverted.

Will from here on things be easy?  

Surely, not!

But the first step was taken, for through the suffering caused by the division, the Brazilian society started to understand the necessity of the UNION.

The good people increased enormously their forces and embraced the cause of BRAZIL FATHERLAND.

The physical wound in the man that Nature chose to govern the country, also wounded the sentiment of a people already hopeless of any future.

Jair Messias Bolsonaro is not a country savior, for no one is.

He, by natural guidance, as all of us sons of Nature, gave the cry for freedom, his way, obeying his limits – and how successful he was!!!

And as a result, the BRAZILIAN NATION heard him and replied, also successfully!!!

The GOOD only multiplies the GOOD! And the EVIL also multiplies the EVIL! The BRAZILIAN NATION leaned upon the good and the good expanded itself fantastically!

As of 2019, we, all together, will have the duty, in thanks giving to GOD, to roll up the sleeves, and by the DIGNIFIED WORK, TEACH this DIVINE PRINCIPLE to the children and youngsters, in the REBUILDING of our Continental Country. We have learned in this electoral dispute, the FUNDAMENTAL REASON that GOD must be always above everyone!

Congratulations to Brazil!

Life, Health, Protection from the DIVINE SUPREMACY to the man who will govern Brazil over the next four years!

That he be promptly GUIDED in the conveyance of Brazil´s destiny, which like him has open scars that will take time, dedication and patriotic love for the BLESSED HEALING.


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