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Friends: discernment, health and peace, by the development of the Reasoning!


Unity comes as a natural consequence of adopting the unique Truth as the basis of life, because the Truth exists and is above a variety of Truths created by men, for lack of knowledge of the unique Truth.

Impossible to have a union where everyone thinks and imagines, because thought and imagination were developed by the ignorance of the TRUTH, making the whole of humanity live under the yoke of mysteries, riddles, phenomena, finites and transfinites, from which hypotheses arose, theories made by thought and imagination, which have, over time, served as the “basis” for creating a culture grounded on mysteries, riddles, phenomena, finite and transfinite, a culture that leads to the conclusion of nothing that magnifies the human being, for being on the fringes of the unique Truth. So many people have been speaking in union! But they cannot be part of it, because they are bound by the apparent culture they cannot give up, for lack of further reflection on the greatness of life, which is far above the insignificant material being.

Our wise ancestors used to say: “Join the good, you will be one of them! Join the wicked, you will be worse than they are!”

Here common sense already warned that UNION exists only among the people of GOOD, those who seek to know the Higher Nature, to draw upon it. There is no union between the wicked, there is only the temporary convenience to achieve an individual ideological goal, because every evil is a thinker, and all thinkers think differently from each other, and differences lead to divisions of every kind, which lead to friction, to fights and wars.

Therefore evil destroys itself. And so, in the Books of Nature’s natural culture, the continuation and evolution of all the messages of GOOD found in millions of Books considered of LIGHT, the SUPERIOR RATIONAL warns: “Turn away from the wicked!”

Why turn away from the bad guys?

Because the bad are exactly those who contemplate matter, which is nothing. And to be connected to nothingness means to become equally a being of nothingness. And in being nothing, there is no possibility of evolution for this being.

And what is “to be everything”?

It is to be beholden with all the divine graces, with all the graces of the Supreme Being over all, which is the power of the powers, with nothing and no one superior to Him.

And who is this all powerful being? He is a Rational Being just like us, but SUPERIOR to all of us, the extreme goodness, who works in our True World of Origin continually to reintegrate this lower world in which we live and all who dwell in it to join the true World of true consciouness.

The True Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD, from which we left one day, for disrespecting the TRUE LIGHT LINE, which is the LIGHT OF ETERNITY, the RATIONAL LIGHT.

Therein is the True UNION, uniting, from top to bottom: the Inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD (the SUPREME WORLD), the pure, clean and perfect invisible, bodies of pure, clean and perfect RATIONAL ENERGY  to the Inhabitants of the Upper Astral, the invisible ones of the Mediating Rational Consciousness, and the good Inhabitants of the Lower Astral, the invisible ones who work with the Upper Astral, all together being one brotherhood, who are guided by the unique Truth, which is RATIONAL, There was no variation of understanding between THEM.

There are living people who do not understand that this world we live in is an apparent world, nor seeing the monstrosities that happen day and night and night and day, thinking that the union of all is the union with the people of GOOD and the people of evil.

Everyone should be respected, for being what they chose to be by the use of their free will, and our duty is to respect everything and everyone. But respect does not mean joining with the bad ones, because by joining the bad ones one is turning one’s back on the inhabitants of the RATIONAL WORLD, the inhabitants of the upper astral, the good ones of the Lower Astral, in short, the higher nature, which is the Nature of the TRUE GOOD, the Rational Nature.

Hence it is so important to know how to distinguish the TRUE GOOD from the fake good.

And this will be only  possible when one becomes KNOWLEDGEABLE in the Book of the unique Truth, Universe in Disenchantment of Rational Culture, the natural culture of Superior Nature, which is RATIONAL and, therefore, not tilting to any side, because the Truth has no sides, the Truth is one, because God is one. Therefore, we need to reflect very carefully on this fundamental point of life, which is the development of the RATIONAL BEING, the reasoning, which belongs to the RATIONAL WORLD, in order not to be betrayed nor betray anyone, for lack of Rational Knowledge of life, it is the only knowledge that leads us to realize who is connected with the TRUE GOOD, and who is connected with the evil, and thus we can deal with the evil without being influenced by it or losing our UNION with the True Higher Invisible Sources.

Therefore, the most important thing in today’s world, where the Rational dawn, which brought us the Rational Scripture “Universe in Disenchantment,” has long come to help know oneself through the development of the Reasoning through the daily reading of this great and fantastic Scripture, so that one can understand perfectly how everyone’s UNION is made and that we be not overthrown by the material low consciousness, who is a wolf who dresses in ram, to confuse the weak about the RATIONAL KNOWLEDGE of life.

The union of all will be done only when humanity is wholly connected to the THREE POWERS of the Higher Nature, the Rational Nature.

All connected to ONE, all will be UNITED, governed, commanded and guided by one, the RATIONAL REASONING, who is the legitimate son of God within our heads, who represents within us the THREE POWERS.

Make sure of all this in the “Universe in Disenchantment”, to get rid of this nullity that is the material being, where there is not the slightest possibility of union, because the matter is a group of ruins that collapse in itself out of so many ruins that it carries.

And there are the proofs coming from all over the world, where so-called “human” beings live against each other and destroy each other for not reasoning.

And without the TRUE UNION explained here, everyone remains inferior and all losers, because an inferior being will never overcome a SUPERIOR BEING, because it does not have in itself the consistency of protection and guidance of the DIVINE PROVIDENCE, whose Knowledge is from RATIONAL SUPERIOR, and whose elevation is impossible to be reached by the animal beings, which compose the material life, who only thinks and imagines.There you have what the UNION OF ALL means.

Let us get to know each other through the development of the Reasoning, the Truth of Truths!




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